Cardenas Rinaudo: The company invests in enough renewable energy to power more than 350,000 homes.

Dear Soulmate, Are you aware that the McAurthor Awards were announced a mere few days ago? I found it interesting to see a quantum astrophysicist win the same award as a violist! Amazing the people that win... I'm writing because I haven't heard from you in a while. A long while. A very long... Ok, I haven't heard from you at all, yet. But, I suspect when I do hear from you, your voice will soothe me, and your gentle words will caress my longing ears. Or perhaps you'll choose to write, instead. Write and regale me of your adventures in academia or science. Your latest research project? I've stopped conducting my own research as I'm now in the applied public sector. That said, I'm still writing. I'm current working on a Theory and Practice article using mostly anecdotal research. Publish or parish! That's what they say! I do hope you haven't given into the sedentary ways of most American men and have continued running with your canines. I do miss our hikes in the Angeles roughs. Yes, I'm still swimming. You know, I always thought we made a smashing couple, what with me being Native American and you being Latin. We were made for hiking, running, and swimming! Ha! Jokes aside, you were always so protective of me I think that's what I loved about you most. I hope your current employer will give you leave to visit me soon. Certainly if he's a man of science as you are, he'll be rational and understand you need the break. It increases productivity after all. In any event, I have a new number I'll give you if you supply me with a reasonable enough excuse why you barely used the old one! Ihope I hear back from you soon. If you would, be a dear and include a more recent photo with the letter? Sadly, the photo I have of you has faded. All my love, Your Soulmate

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